A look into the future…

The polling is going well so far! Thanks everyone for voting. But there is still time to be heard! You can come back and vote again if you’re feeling froggy. And don’t forget, there will be video and photographic footage of the winning adventure selection to follow.

And for next week, I think I’ll turn things up a notch. I know, I know, a little premature. But hey – I’ve never been one for non-impulsiveness. Next week might mark the first venture into Choose Heather’s Adventure – Dating Version. Don’t ask me how that’s gonna work yet. I haven’t the foggiest, really.

Actually, why don’t you all help out? Comment with your ideas for my first Dating Adventure poll!

For a brief moment in time, live your life vicariously through me! Or just put me through some random and unnecessary embarrassment. I’m leaving it up to you.

As frostbite is slowly taking hold of my fingertips – long story for another day – I’ll sign off for now, with promises of a much more interesting post tomorrow! Right? Right!

So vote! Be counted! And stay warm, for crying out loud.



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