That’s right! I’ve had one. An amazing – if dangerously insane – idea for a blog and maybe something more.

But first – I must get the people to come. And if the Field of Dreams knew what it was talking about, all I have to do is build it, right? If I build it, they will come.

Build what?

Well, far as I can tell, build an interest, an anticipation, a desire to see what will happen next in this, the blog of all blogs, the mother of all ideas, the thing which could be one of two things: the Stairway to Heaven or the Highway to Hell.

So… here goes. A teaser.

Does anyone remember those choose your own adventure books from about, oh, 20-something years ago (maybe older still)? Well, in an effort to inspire myself and maybe others (to do what, I haven’t yet decided), I had the idea to open myself up to living the adventures others would choose for me.

“Whoa-ho, Nelly! What are you sayin’ here, pardner?” No, I will NOT run naked through the Super Walmart screaming for Peep Freedom. Well, I won’t run naked, anyway. No, no, it’ll be a little less spontaneous than that. But the choice, my friends, will be completely up to you.

I’ll start small.

Once a week, let’s say on a Monday, I shall post a poll. This poll will consist of three (3) actions. Actions that I would perform should one of them become the ‘Chosen Action’ – the action chosen most often by the folks who frequent my blog. I’ll leave the voting open for five (5) days, at the end of which I will tally up the votes and determine the winning action – which I will have to complete over the weekend, the next two days after the polls closes.

I had thought to make the choices all dating related, like a ‘hey world! won’t you come help me find a date?’ and I still may do that once I see people coming back and participating. And once people are coming back and participating regularly I will make it a daily poll. A daily chance to state your opinion and see it make a difference.

So here goes. Be sure to check back tomorrow morning and seggggggg (I shouldn’t type this when sleepy – who knows what I’ll end up doing!)

Check back tomorrow morning and see what’s on the table. What will YOU have me do this weekend?



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One response to “EPIPHANY!!!

  1. Missy


    Sounds like fun. Good thing you put parameters on the whole “choose the adventure”. Not only is it the spontanaety you need to control, but the perverts with a feather fetish you have to wrangle. They might enjoy a good wrangle too. Anyway, make sure to leave a write in suggestion. Even though some might be stupid, too silly or crazy; you might actually get some helpful suggestions.
    Good luck, and enjoy your adventures.


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