Journal – 5/26

Wow, it’s been a busy few days. Work was crazy. Getting close to a full moon I guess. I haven’t done much else to speak of. Well, I guess I did go to karaoke the other night. It was fun and comfortable, like an old sweatshirt – same people, same atmosphere, different day. I like that though. Sang a few of my favorites and tried out a few new ones, too. That’s what I like about slow nights – I can sing anything under the sun because there’s no one but the regulars there to hear me, and they’re there for the same reasons I am – to sing a good (sometimes bad) song and just have fun. Had my traditional one drink and that was it. I’m off till Sunday now, so here’s to some productive… something. House cleaning? I need to get the boys’ room straightened out and some new bunkbeds put in. We’ll see how that goes. I promise I’ll be back tomorrow, though. Won’t be doing much else anyway.


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