Journal – 5/27

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate raccoons? I can’t even believe what happened. It’s insane! Okay, so I left the windows in my car open a crack last night. It’s not unusual, really. Most nights – as long as it’s not due to rain – I’ll leave them completely down. There’s nothing valuable in there (usually) so no big deal, right?

Wrong. So very very wrong. When I woke up this morning I looked out the front door and thought something looked a little off about my car. Sure, there were coon prints ALL over the place from top to bottom. I’d gotten used to that. No, there were these chunks of black stuff on the ground beneath the passenger door. When I looked up I saw it. The gleaming silver that just last night was covered by the weather stripping seal around the door. THE RACCOONS HAD CHEWED IT OFF. And they took a big chunk out of the sunroof seal, too. I thought I was going to lose my mind! I swear I’m getting a gun. Okay, at least a bb gun. bb? That doesn’t look quite right. Anyway. My car of course will survive without that clever piece of rubber. It’s just a little louder in my car now, with that handsome new whistle the gap between the window and the door frame provides. But let me tell you, if I catch those dog-sized (yes, some of them are that big – you should see their pawprints!) vermin, I WILL throttle them mercilessly. Katy bar the door if one of them walks out in front of my car some night. Oh please walk in front of my car. Scamper even. I dare you.


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