What Power

How dreams defy & speak the truth together!
How sleep does draw real’ty closer still!
In twilight ramblings do our hearts tell whether
Our lives play out our deepest spirit’s will
In fantasy of slumber dreams are nearer
No hope is lost or dashed upon the rocks
The sweetest bits of dreams we hold much dearer
Enough to box and bind them behind locks
Behind our leaden lids are troubles faded
With deep & peaceful breaths this world forgot
This world that leaves us, after waking, jaded
This world in which the things of dreams are not
But dreams speak truth in volumes and who knows
What pow’r, the heart & spirit, Will bestows


3 responses to “What Power

  1. Ummm, is this supose to mean you want my husband? Hehehe,
    Cute blog.

  2. LOVE IT !! The no? made me giggle out loud, Chris asked me what, and I giggled some more.

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