Journal – 5/22


It’s amazing out here.  I always forget about that. 

Out in South Dakota visiting – people.  And places.  I really should spend more time out here, but sometimes it can get a little heavy.  Memories and whatnot.  Not that I want to forget, or ever could. It’s just a little sad.  I mean, it’s been a really long time, REALLY long, but you don’t just forget about something like that. 

So,yep.  Out here.  Living the dream.  Just kinda wanderin around.  Can’t enjoy some things like I used to, like the food and the smoke.  Ohhh yessss… the smoke.  Man, they always had the good stuff!  The weather’s been perfect – overcast and warm, cool nights.  Breezy.  Love it.  Might just stay out here for awhile yet.

Or not.  Getting off here.  Wyatt just called.  Getting antsy about finishing up this job.  I’ll see what’s up and go from there.


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