Journal – 6/1

Remind me never to take Nate out again. We went to the bar the last, the one with the karaoke. We got there a bit early, so the kitchen was still open. They have got some pretty good food there and I’m pretty sure I ate at least a couple meals worth. Nate, of course, didn’t, but he did have a drink – just for show.

Karaoke starts up, and Nate decided he needed to get up and sing. He picked “I Fall to Pieces.” I guess it could have been worse – he could have been horrible. He was actually pretty fun to watch. He’s a big clown and he loves to entertain. Somehow he managed to convince me to sing something. I haven’t sang for years, mind you. Well, he starts going off about how karaoke is the perfect place to get back in the habit. People are drunk (or not listening) and they’ll cheer for you no matter what. So – I go put in “Lady” by Styx. What can I say, I’ve got a soft spot for the oldies. Nate whooped and hollered like he was my girlfried or something, good lord. I have to admit, it was fun. Not near as fun as when I walked back to my seat.

I put the microphone back and turned to walk to my seat when I bumped into someone. I said sorry, and she apologized quickly and touched my arm. I looked up – it was her. She was walking over to the dj, so she didn’t look back at me. Good thing, too, because she would have caught me staring. Luckily Nate dragged me back to our booth. And that was it. One touch and I was smitten.

Nate never got a real good look at her because as soon as he offered to go ‘talk to her for me’ I suggested we check out this new place down the street.

I think I’ll definitely have to think some more about my ‘no dating’ vow. Might have to ammend it just a bit.


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