Me, in a rhyming little nutshell

i seem to be a mystery to most
at least for all it is that makes me thus
let me correct and say that “most” means “men”
and when they pass on me they miss the bus

for though my gruff exterior might cast
a nearly frightening light on what else lies
beneath outspoken, fearless, playfulness
there waits within quite pleasant a surprise

’tis true i’m bold, and brazen, and up front
and not afraid to speak what’s on my mind
but if one stays to gander past the surface
one might just be surprised at what’s to find

a girl who’s not afraid to sit and watch
supporting someone else who’s in the light
a damsel fully willing to be caught
and swept up off her feet into the night

a lady who’s okay not taking charge
who can be quiet, listen and be still
a woman who would give of all she had
and lovingly surrender to his will

but love, and even like, is harder when
you include wary, indecisive men
(and that’s all of you, fellas)



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