Journal – 5/24

So I decided that even though the job’s not finished yet (not even close) I’d make tonight my night to rejoin the real world. I wanted to start small, nothing too fancy or really overwhelming. Went with a little bar with a great menu. Just so happened there was karaoke there tonight. Man, there are some bad singers out there! The cool thing was everyone else seemed to have a really good attitude about it. And there were some good singers, too. And there was this girl there… I think she was by herself, but she seemed to know a lot of the other people there. She would sing these songs that were so unlike her. Or at least I would never have expected them from her. She’s pretty good, too. And cute. Might have to come back another time and, um, listen to more karaoke? And… if she happens to be there, so be it.

Nate should be home in a few days. It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say about this. Maybe I’ll wait a bit.


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