Life Sucks

No, I’m not getting all forlorn and hopeless. You looked worried.

This is the title of my work in progress – ‘wip’ for all you folks in the know. Here – right here –

or maybe here, I like this spot. Ahem. Here is where I’ll lay out the bones of my story. You’ll meet:

– Kate, the single mom of two boys (why does this sound familiar…) who’s losing the hope of ever finding that special someone (gag!).
– Wyatt, the stereotypical handsome stranger who meets and takes a liking to Kate. He’s anything but typical though. Not that he’ll let Kate in on his secret.
– Nathan, Wyatt’s best friend of many years. Many, many years.

Together, along with Kate’s kids, the three of them find themselves having the time of their lives.
Did I say time? I meant fight.

Stay tuned! More is on the way.



One response to “Life Sucks

  1. Joe

    Like the blog title. Sounds a bit autobiographical. Speaking of Virginia Reels…Friday 4 June at Singing Bird Nature Center in Black Hawk Park, Rock Island, from 7:30 – 10:30 p.m. is the last Illowa Folk Dance until September. I’ll be playing. Possibly others will join me.

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