Journal – 5/31

Sooo… sorry I missed you this weekend, Diary. It wasn’t even a particularly busy past few days or anything. Well, I did go out to Maggie’s and go swimming. The boys were bugging me about it and my nephews were, too, so we went. It’s an awesome pool – totally love it. We will most definitely be out there many, many, MANY more times this summer (my poor sister!). So we were out there swimming Saturday and yesterday and we stayed the night last night – just because we could. It was a little stormy this morning and a little too cold to swim, so all the boys just played and hung out. It was actually kinda nice. I love my family. Even if we do occasionally drive each other nuts.

School’s out for most of the kids, so I think I’ll actually have some friends to drag to karaoke with me tonight. Woohoo! At least I think they’ll still have it. Whoops. Better check that out. If there’s anything fun to tell after karoake (if there’s karaoke) I’ll be back, otherwise… tomorrow?


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