Journal – 5/26

Man, that was hard. Just when I forget why I don’t come out here more often, I’m rudely reminded. I thought time was supposed to heal all wounds? My ass. Oh well I guess. That’s life. My life anyway. I’ll be back at Wyatt’s in a day or two. If I hurry I might make it there sooner, but… I think I’d rather mope a while longer. And gripe. Mope and Gripe. Sounds like some angsty prepubescent punk/metal/grunge band. “The latest offering from M&G is a heartfelt acoustic about an oppressive day in the life of an upper class private school honor student when his parents take away his porsche for a week.” Hahaha… I should be writing entertainment reviews. Ah, yes. Another life I’ll never lead. Guess I’m just not meant for the public eye. Maybe someday.


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