Two days to go

Well I must say, I’m feeling just plain groovetastic.

Weight watchers is my new best friend. In fact, I may just marry it. As of this morning – and my 6th official weigh in – I have lost a smidge over 10 pounds, my 5% mark. Love love love that.

Shortly after that I ran a 5k and did two minutes better than my last timed race. Rocktastic.

And last but not least, after having written a teensy bit on my novel recently I think I’m ready to tackle some more. The way I left off with my novel could actually be an end point, so I may pick up from there for Nanowrimo. So in two days – writing writing writing!

I’m feeling good. Maybe even inspired.

Maybe it’s the weather.

What about you? Does nature do anything to inspire you?

Oh, and since I’m feeling so good I thought I’d share. This is from a super awesome show that was, after an act of insanity, cancelled. George Michael on Eli Stone.

Feel good everyone.



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One response to “Two days to go

  1. Lynne

    Isn’t it amazing that success in one area seems to lead to more and more accomplishment! Like a boulder rolling down a hill, faster and faster…(or something like that.) Keep on keepin’ on, sweetie! Happy Halloween!

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