Journal – 6/3

Went and helped Wyatt finish up the rest of these past few days. He’s got to tie up a few loose ends and get the invoice printed up, but there’s nothing more for me to do until we get the payment. I kinda like being the man in charge of all the money. One of these days I’m going to have to slip an xbox 360 or ps3 into the expenditures. Wyatt really could afford it, and I should know. He’s kinda cornered the market on historic new builds. He has a real eye for detail and authenticity, and he’s meticulous to a fault. His homes are serious works of art. And since his name has been around for such a long time people don’t have any problem trusting him with the workload, even thought its really only him and me who do most of the work. He’s got a few contractors he works with regularly who handle stuff like the plumbing and electricity, but he’s been known to do some of that on his own, too. Me? I’m strictly manual labor and a books man. A behind the scenes guy, in a way. Whatever I can do at home or bust after the sun goes down – I’m all over it. Anyway, this was a big project and we made a killing off of it, so I think we’ll be taking it easy for a little while. That’s my plan, anyway. I know there are a couple bids Wyatt wants to get to, but they’re both at least a week or two out.

Oh, yeah, and about that other thing. I’m gonna head up there tonight while Wyatt runs to the store. I’ve rifled through his bookcases before, so I pretty much know where to look. I’ve googled a little bit, too, and I came up with some interesting stuff that I’m gonna check out. Might have to steal the car and head in to the library soon. Not steal, of course. Once I get some good info I’ll probably have to keep this thing hidden. Don’t want Wyatt stumbling upon it before I can get all my shit sorted out. Oh – gotta go. He’s heading out. Gotta get a quick request in and then on to the hunt!


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