Journal – 5/28

Nate and Darla finally got back tonight. I checked her over thoroughly and she was as cherry as when Nate took her out. I’ll have to wash her tomorrow, though.

It’s nice to have Nate. This house is entirely too big for me alone. When I walk past all the empty rooms – I hate to say this, because it makes me sound like such a woman, but when I walk past all those empty rooms it makes me feel a little empty, too. I really never wanted to be alone. Every now and then, sure. Not forever.

Luckily Nate came back in a hunting mood. I played hard to get so he’d feel like he was really winning some kind of battle, ‘convincing’ me to go out hunting. The truth of the matter is I needed it. It’s really been a little too long. We had a nice hunt, too. Nate’s strategies are creative and he’s a blast to watch. His commentary is what really does it for me, though. He can’t help it – he’s got a captive audience in me whenever we’re on the prowl out there.

Oh, and I’m sleeping in tomorrow. Decided not to go out to the site this weekend. Just seems like a good weekend to relax. No plans as of yet, but I’m sure Nate and I will fix that.


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