Journal – 5/21


Well, there’s another boyfriend prospect down the drain.

Went on a date last night with a guy I met on one of those single sites.  I’m not going to name which one, because at this point I’ve got a membership on just about all of well-known ones and now I’m on to the lesser known/more ridiculously named ones, so I refuse to embarrass myself further.

So I get the bar (his choice) and the first thing he does is give me the most tactless, non-sly once over.  Twice.  Guess that makes it a twice over.  Anyway, I decide that I am NOT going to let his less-than-impressed expression ruin my night and I act like it never happened.  That was big sign number one that he was DEFINITELY not for me.  We went about the rest of the night anyway, shooting pool and just chit chatting, and ended up having a pretty decent time.  We both agreed we were pretty much not what the other was looking for, but in making the best of things we didn’t want to gouge our eyes out.  Woohoo for no eye gouging!

So here I am.  Again.  Browsing the stupid ads and hoping the Prince Charming will just waltz his way out of the internet cosmos and land at my fingertips.  (that could sound bad so I’m moving on)

The boys fought pretty much nonstop today.  Big news there.  Almost went hoarse yelling at them a couple times.  I swear, they are so hard headed!  I have NO idea where they get it.  Ahem. 

Alright, so I’m getting sleepy and I’ve got to work tomorrow.  Those surgeons aren’t going to grab those instruments by themselves!  Oh, and karaoke soon, Monday’s just around the corner.  Okay, nighty night.


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