Journal – 5/23

I’m stopping by the site today then heading back to Wyatt’s. I carved a little horse out of some driftwood that I’ll leave. We’ll see if the bear I carved last year is still around. The trinkets usually make it a few years at least before they blow away or get carried off by some critter. The only thing I don’t like about that place is the bad memory it brings up. Just one, really. The slaughter of course was bad, but I’ve made my peace about that. I’ve made my peace about the other thing, too, but this place brings back the first memory I have of it and – just for a little while – all the horror and hurt and confusion comes back, and I hate it. Gotta get a grip on it. I’ll be fine by the time I get home though, so that’s good. Wyatt doesn’t need or deserve any flack from me. And hell, I love the guy. Not in the gay way of course. I mean, he’s a good looking guy and all, but SO not my type. A little less breast than I prefer. Ha! Gotta go. Time’s a wasting. It’ll be sunrise time soon and the weather is calling for a clear blue, sunny sky. Not my favorite.


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