Journal – 6/1

Karaoked last night, and managed to get a couple of the girls to go out with me. It was a good night, all in all. Mostly regulars there. We didn’t get there till a little after ten, so no food for us. Boo! But since there were so few people there we got to sing pretty much whatever we wanted. And hey, who doesn’t like that? And since I’m back in the mood, I’m gonna try to come out next monday, too. I’ve got a couple songs that I sound great on – in my car that is. I want to see if that carries over into ‘real life’.

Other than that… not much else. I’m so behind on my cleaning that I’m all but begging my friends to come out and help. Maybe ‘bribing’ is a better word. Definitely. Bribing friends to come help. Anthony is at the perfect age… to NOT HELP A BIT. Seriously considering military school. Oh well… what’s new.

Oh, I know what’s new! I am going on a date tomorrow night. Some guy I met on a singles site. Again. I bet this will be all kinds of fun (didja get the sarcasm there? good). Okay, so til tomorrow, when I’ll have better things to say.


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