Journal – 5/30

Gotta love lazy days. I do. Yesterday and today Wy and I just chilled and caught up on some movies we’ve been waiting to see. Today was the perfect day for it, too -just a little too hot for my tastes. I used to be a hot-weather man back in the day, but that was way back in the day. I’m a spoiled little a/c queen now. Ha! If it’s nicer tomorrow we’re talking about maybe going fishing. Wouldn’t be until early evening though. Well, we could go tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening… hmm. That might be a better plan. Could go get the bait tonight and some drinks and snacks and whatnot. I’ll have to grab my own snack, though. Wyatt’s taste is a little, ahem, lighter than mine? Nope, not the right word. Less-meaty? Yeah, that’s it. So snacks for me, snacks for him, drinks and bait. Wyatt mentioned something about going out Monday night. What is this ‘going out’ of which you speak I asked him. He laughed and then socked me on the shoulder, which I responded to by putting him in a headlock, which he countered by turning it around on me. I swear, it was like old school WWF action. Ah, testosterone. Glad had a boat load of it before he met me. Alright, enough talk. Movies to watch, and… movies to watch. Yep. Later…


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