Journal – 5/28

Ahhh, finally. It’s nice to be back. Got in just around sunset, and all I have to say is I seriously love that car. I keep trying to talk Wyatt into getting a newer one so I can have this one but no dice. I even tried telling him ’65 was my lucky year. Guess I’ll just have to take road trips more often. And I really love the extra dark tinting. Makes daytime driving a joy instead of a terror ride. That’s seriously probably the only reason he lets me drive it. It was hilarious watching him inspect it when I got home. Like I’d have the balls to let something happen to it.

I talked him into not going to the site this weekend. Memorial day and all. Not that I care for the holiday all that much. Remembering is overrated. At least this year it is. So instead of working I’ve got a whole lot of nothing planned. Just kick around the house, catch some rays… haha. Okay, so maybe not. Maybe I can talk Wyatt into hunting. That would be sweet. We haven’t done that together in – I can’t honestly remember. It’s a full moon, too. I can totally swing this. Gotta catch him quick, though, before he can get too comfy on the couch.


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