So – I’m a bitch.

Just so you know, there’s not real moral to this particular post. No feel good happy ending, no lesson to be learned (unless it’s just to not be so bitchy).

I am a bitch. Plain and simple.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a really swell gal, too. Lots of the time, actually. But in general – and on any given day – I am just a plain ole bitch.

I’m short with my friends. I’m snarky. I’m argumentative. I’m contrary. I am bitchy. Period. The question is why.

I can be nice. Nice as pie. And I love my friends dearly. They are my friends for a reason. So why am I so awful sometimes?

The thing is, I get over lickety-split. I’m bitchy and then I’m done faster than Sybil changes personalities. So I know that I get over it. Do my friends, though? You, you out there, you people who love me. Do you know that I don’t mean it?

Whew! Good. Okay. On to bigger and better things.
Side ponytails.

It seems they are making a comeback (or not).

I saw a girl at Old Navy sporting a snazzy impromptu (although if you ask me, it looked pretty well thought out) side ponytail. Then again tonight, out a CLUB, no less, a girl is wearing a THOUGHT out (on purpose, did ma hair just so it would look THIS cool) side ponytail.

Both to the right, I might add (does to the left mean you’re gay, or an alien or something?).

I currently have layers, so this look won’t work for me, but I would totally rock it. BUT…

…now that everyone else is doing it, I don’t wanna. I’m not a follower, see.

Anyhoo, I guess that’s it for right now. Oh! I guess I’ll update you on life and Life Sucks and whatnot.

So I’ve now written three beginning chapters. Each independent of the other and each with more info included – I think – than I actually have included in the rest of the written material. I love to make things difficult. As far as the end (the written end, what I have so far) of my story, I’ve been dealing with my writer’s block by editing. I’m fifty pages into the editing, so hey – I can at least say that I’m getting something done, right?

Sorry that the character journals fell behind for the few – if any – of you who’ve read/followed them. I’ll catch up soon. Trust, though, that they have been keeping up with them and that things have still been moving forward.

In other news…

Um, yeah. I got nothing. Not tonight/today, anyway. Maybe tomorrow?




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2 responses to “So – I’m a bitch.

  1. Lynne

    You say that like it’s a bad thing….or to rephrase, better a bitch than a wuss…. ^_^

  2. I love that your blog post might rival the randomness of my usual blog posts. 😉 And yes, my much younger cousin was doing the side ponytail, too. It’s frightening. Remember those weird plastic rings that girls slid the side of their shirt through? (I have no idea how to really describe it.) Yeah, if those come back I will just die.

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