To tweet, or not to tweet

That is no longer the question.

I broke down and got myself a stupid twitter account. Well, I should say I reconnected with one I made over a year ago (for some class I was taking at the time, I think). Anyway, this is me:

So I guess you can find me at heatherhangsit. I swear, I barely know how this thing works other than you just randomly – and in some cases excessively – post. About anything and everything, apparently. I don’t have one of them there new-fangledy smart phones with 24/7 internet, though, so I doubt I’ll be obsessively updating or reading, for that matter. But hey, now I’m out there.

You know what I have heard about twitter that got me more interested than anything else? Twitter novels. Apparently these have taken off like rockets in Japan. Now I can see how this would be a tricky art to master. Some people get so many tweets that a twovelist’s (ha! word) tweets might get lost or missed. And then there are the people who have a hard time getting hooked on a story that shoots out only a few daily bursts.

I think I’m gonna give it a go. I can flex my creative muscle and play around with genres that I’ve only dabbled in before. It could be fun. And hey, if I get it going, for those of you not on twitter, I’ll add a Twovel page up there (points up to the tab bar).

Still working on Life Sucks, but I’ve really done it. In going back and working on the beginning of the story I ended up adding some new elements that I didn’t plan for – and that aren’t included – in the main body of the manuscript. Yikes! Now I might actually have to do some research. Heather hates research.

Still keeping up with the journals, though, for the most part. Check ’em out, learn a little about the characters. In a few months I’ll throw out a poll on who your favorite character is, so get reading!

Until tomorrow…



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