Vagabonds and failed attempts

Yesterday I went on a nice long (too long) walk with my friend. The weather was gorgeous, the sun was setting, and I realized that walking with me is probably like walking with a 5 year old.

I notice everything.

Pretty wildflowers, too much trash, an empty Extenz package (you know what I’m talkin’ bout, Willis), and last but not least – a mulberry tree.

Right on the other side of the guardrail was this mulberry tree loaded with plump, ripe berries. We couldn’t resist, so we hopped (okay, straddled, checked foot placement, and slipped) over the guardrail. We both about busted it a couple times trying to navigate safe footing on the loose rocks there, but it wasn’t far to the tree. And there we stood/sat – grabbing at the branches, stuffing our faces and staining our fingers with the sweet and sometimes tangy berries. All the while cars zoomed past, probably wondering where our hitchhiking packs were. It was great though, and well worth the brief pit stop. Got us thinking about going back with bags so we could bring some home. What can you make out of mulberries anyway?

On to failed attempts. Well, I didn’t get chosen out of the 500 something entries in the chase/suspense scene contest. At first I was a bit frustrated, being as I think I’m a pretty decent writer and all. But the more I got to thinking about it (and as I remember what Nathan said about how he sifted through the entries) I realized that my scene just didn’t quite fit the bill for this particular contest. It wasn’t that my writing wasn’t good. Just not right. I especially love what Lisa Brackmann wrote about her process. Felt a lot like the way I write. So I’ve decided that I’ll just keep plugging away. Another day, another contest, right?

So… yep. That was my past 24 hours. What did you?



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One response to “Vagabonds and failed attempts

  1. Lynne

    Ah, mulberries! The fruit of my childhood! We had these scrubby mulberry trees on our back acreage, by an area that was an old dumping ground. Mom wouldn’t cook w/them because they were “dirty” but we sneaked off and ate them all the time–and lived! I have a couple mulberry trees on my place now, again growing where there was once a dump (do they thrive on dissoluted-tin-can soil or what?). I still don’t know what to do w/them except eat them off the tree. My kids also survived and thrived on them.

    Yesterday: Finished necklaces for the con table with Grace, helped her pack, took her to the airport and manfully let her go to Portland w/out tears. Tough, that was. Sewed airwarmers. Gave my sis dating advice via text message. She went out w/him anyway. Sigh. Nothing more productive and not nearly so nature-appreciative as Heather!

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