I swear…

“… by the moon and the stah-rrs, a-bo-ove…”

Nope. Not today. And not even the naughty kind. This time.

I swear I’m losing all track of time. In all things, all aspects of my daily life, and I’ve really got nothing to show for it. Sure, I’m trying to hack through the bush on the unpaved road to paperback stardom. And be a mom. And work. And play a tiny role in a play. And blog. And not clean. But with all this doing (and in some cases not doing) I’m feeling like I’m constantly behind.

I think what I really want is to stumble into a heaping pile of red hot money and go live on an island somewhere. Hire a nanny/home school teacher for the boys. And a maid. And just live life – writing, cooking, creating, sewing, playing. You know, that sort of thing.

So… anyone know where I can find this unclaimed pile of money?

In other news, I submitted a 500 word action sequence to Nathan Bransford’s contest, which closes today at 4pm pacific. I think I’ve got a pretty good thing going, but hey – that’s just me. Well, me and a few of my closest friends, that is. There are a lot of good excerpts out there. I just hope mine gets dubbed as one of them. Here ya go. See for yourself. Comment with your opinions, why doncha?

ciao, all


Her scream echoed across the treetops as a massive paw raked across her back, dragging her down to the floor. Her jaw hit hard and she bit through her tongue. She could taste hot copper as blood ran from her mouth and pooled under her cheek. The wolf grabbed the waistband of her jeans with its maw and shook her violently. Kate’s head smacked up against the railing before she fell back down. She was dizzy, and her back felt warm where the gashes oozed. She could feel something hot and thick falling in droplets on her back – drool, she guessed, as she felt the weight of the beast on the back of her thighs.

Her head throbbed and she closed her eyes. Tears came as she thought about her boys. She spanked Avery earlier that day (she couldn’t remember why anymore) and he gave her a tearfully sincere apology. She argued with Anthony about his needing to take a shower. Whimpering, she remembered the three of them snuggled up on the couch watching a movie, the boys laughing and being sweet to one another. Her boys.

The wolf snickered, mistaking Kate’s whimpers for ones of fear. Planting one of its giant paws squarely in the center of her back it pressed down. Its claws dug fresh holes into the already raw and bloody flesh, sending a shock through her body. She shrieked. It was an angry sound.

Kate thrashed around and managed to free herself from the wolf’s pin by rolling to the side. She grabbed onto the rail and turned around just as the beast went up on its hind legs. She ducked out of the way at the last minute and the creature’s paws landed on top of the railing, skewering them on the ornamental spires. It bellowed and howled but wasn’t able to rip its paws free, and Kate witnessed the terrible beast writhe its way back to human form.

The bulky, naked man ripped his hands up off the barbed spires. As he turned to face her, he was lapping up thick, red pools from his palms. He sneered and took a step forward – reaching for her throat – but something stopped him. Kate tried hard to focus and realized it was Wyatt. He grabbed the man’s hand and bent the fingers and wrist clean back. Several loud cracks rang out. The man howled and brought his other hand up to strike, but Wyatt caught it and repeated the move. He kept hold of both hands and continued to wrench them until the brute dropped to his knees.

Wyatt emptied his hands and grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking the man’s head backward. His head cocked funny. It looked like it was mere inches from being snatched off. Wyatt glared at the brute in front of him. Narrowing his eyes, he grinned, baring a shiny set of pearly whites.

“You shouldn’t have come here.”

~excerpt, “Life Sucks”


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