WARNING – Rude opinion below

Pregnant women are DUMB.

Sorry, all you baby-makin’ machines out there. Not all of you are dumb, but a darn good lot of you are.

I mean really, ladies. I’ve heard plenty of myths, wive’s tales and truths regarding pregnancy, from people eating rocks and other non-edible items to just being forgetful. But I don’t recall ever hearing that common sense takes a hike just because you’re spawning life.

When I was pregnant, I don’t remember my intellect taking a dive and dipping back into my late toddler years, as far as common sense is concerned. I was fully aware the drugs, alcohol and smoking would very likely cause a problem for my unborn child and I refrained. Not that I do drugs or smoke – never have. I have been known to imbibe, but never while pregnant. *knocks on noggin. Call it common sense.

I was fortunate enough to recognize the difference between pee and ruptured membranes. I knew what Braxton-hicks were and how to ease them. I rested when I was overly tired and drank water when I was dehydrated. Under no circumstances would I wet myself repeatedly and just stay at home doing laundry nonstop. I knew when to call the doctor and when to problem solve on my own.

Seriously. What has happened over the last five years that has turned pregnant women into plumb idiots? Is there something in the water?




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4 responses to “WARNING – Rude opinion below

  1. heather….ur retarded….and u have no common sense…luv ya!

  2. Lynne

    It is ironic, in a time that I assume offers more prenatal education and resources than ever before, that so many women react inappropriately to signs and symptoms. A random twinge brings them to the hospital by ambulance, or as you say, an obvious abnormality doesn’t even ilicit a call the the doctor’s office! Sheesh. In general I have an impression–recall my advanced age–that there’s a generation out there with an inflated sense of intitlement and diminished sense of personal responsibility. Could this be that same sense of “I am owed a healthy baby regardless of my behavior or preparation?” I really can’t explain the weirdness we see any other way. Other than, in our job we do see all the kooks.

    • absolutely! and the whole entitlement thing? i definitely see that. i don’t know where they are getting it from, but we should keep a big, fluffy white gloved hand on a stick so we can smack ’em upside the head when they walk through our door. clearly no one is giving these girls a clue about what they should expect out of life.

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