Canterbury, shmanterbury

I love the classics as much as anyone. I have a great appreciation for the craft and the feel of the old standbys. But for the life of me I can barely keep my eyes open through Chaucer.

Maybe it’s just the day. It’s one of those lazy, hazy – “crazy days of sum-mer!”. Seriously though, it’s a hazy day, might storm again/might not, and I can’t seem to take my eyes off the “Pawn Stars” marathon on A&E. I definitely can’t focus my mind enough to try to unravel Chaucer’s Tales. I can read and understand them, of course. But I’m working on a thing here where I’d like to take them out of poetry and transform them into prose.

Epic fail. Today, anyway. I haven’t given up yet. After all, tomorrow’s another day, and who knows what the rest of today has in store. Maybe something mind-blowing. I’ll keep you posted.



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