Fat is the new skinny?

Okay, maybe not, but it should be. As long as I’m on the not-slim end of things, anyway.

Don’t like the word fat? There are others.
Big-boned (a true state of being, I believe).
Round, all the way around.

I mean, let’s think about this, people. Being fat used to be a sign of wealth. Only the wealthy could afford to eat enough to get fat, therefore being fat meant you were wealthy. So all the poor skinny folks were ignored – weren’t even given a second glance – because what good are poor people, right? I mean, what do they have to offer? (SO not my belief, by the way)

I think we need to bring back Botticelli’s works of art. Let’s show the world what REAL women look like. Child-bearing women. After all, ladies, we need meat on our bones – in healthy doses – so we can ovulate for even a chance at having babies. Let’s see some women with real curves in real places. Women with something to hold onto, other than over-exposed clavicles and scapulas. Women whose ribs are buried deep enough under skin and fatty tissue so that you cannot count them from the outside. Women whose spines stay tucked inconspicuously inside their bodies.

Let’s make it happen. And in honor of the not-slim woman’s new place in respectable society I think we should have a celebratory banquet. For all the skinny people in the world. And FEED THEM, for crying out loud! Then the world would be a better, comfier, snugglier place. Hugs all around! And then – you guessed it – world peace.

So see? What can Fat do for you?



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