One + one + two = three

It is essential for every writer with the thought of publishing to have a pitch. Gotta have a pitch. Gotta have that catchy, interesting hook to draw someone into your story before they ever actually read it. But you need more than one pitch – you need three: the one sentence, the one paragraph and the two paragraph.

The one sentence is your ‘Hi! I see you’re heading into the bathroom, and it looks urgent, so this will only take a second’ pitch. Okay, so you hopefully won’t ever go to those lengths. Unless, of course, you want some publisher/editor/agent going all primal monkey and flinging poo on you. You get the idea, right? Your one sentence must sum up the basic plot of your story, include the main character at least and hopefully be unique. Stay away from cliches, stay away from vague, hazy wording and get right to the nitty gritty. Make it shine, though.

The one paragraph pitch is basically your one sentence plus a little more info. A little more about the story, maybe the characters, and still pretty to the point. Add key elements you couldn’t use in the one sentence to spice it up. Keep it lively. Show the reader why they should spend their precious time on your story instead of the other hundreds and thousands of stories just waiting to be heard.

Finally, the two paragraph pitch. It’s the one sentence plus the one paragraph plus any other goodies you think will see your story. Those goodies should actually be in your story, of course. Think of the dust cover summary. That’s the basic idea, more or less.

Here’s a really good resource on all three of these pitches. An amazing guy who just so happens to be a literary agent and out there in the blogging world with all of us aspiring writers, Nathan Bransford.

And now, the point of this page – other than to inform and enlighten, of course – is to lay out the pitches for “Life Sucks”. They are works in progress, of course. So in progress, in fact, that I’ll have to edit this later to include them. A few things in my story have changed so I need to go back and tweak them.

But enjoy this blog anyway, won’t you? And be sure to check out Nathan’s web page for great info on all things writing and getting published.

Later gators.



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