A new plan

So I’ve decided that I should have some rhyme or reason to this here blog.

I think I’ll plan it out. (gasp! what’s this? not you!) Yes, me.

Starting tomorrow – a procrastinator’s work is never done today – I’ll have a theme. Or something. Maybe I’ll discuss books. Maybe I’ll talk about book-type things. Maybe I’ll talk about news. Maybe I’ll talk about Hollywood, or movies, or tv, or the Dalai Lama… who knows. Anyway, that’s what’s to come.

In the meantime, I’m off to auditions again today. Yesterday was cut a little short because my poor little muffin, my fearless five year old, broke his arm jumping off the monkey bars. “It feels like my bones are twisting!” – his wounded cry. Luckily, the people in the ER were very speedy, and we got processed and back and x-rayed lickety split. Waiting on the ER doc took awhile, but they came back with an IV kit and meds to help give him some relief. Let me tell ya, he took that IV better than many adults I’ve borne personal witness to! An hour or so later, the ortho doc came and they did conscious sedation and set his arm right there in the ER. Took a little bit to wake him up, but that’s probably because it took a little bit to put him under. My little toughie!

So today he’s basically miserable. Last night he said, about the cast, “This just isn’t working for me.” And today he’s very sad because it’s clunky and heavy and he can’t play the wii very well. The saddest little hurt eyes you’ve ever seen. 😦

So here’s to my little baby, my little boy – prayers for a speedy recovery and higher spirits. You won’t miss all the fun stuff of summer, I promise!



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