Now I’ve done it.

I’ve gone and started the new opening for my wip. I actually kind of like it. But I’m getting that sinking feeling that it’s still not quite right.

When I started “Life Sucks”, I started part way into the story. I knew it. I did it anyway. It was the first thing that came to mind, and it rolled so easily off the fingertips. How could I deny it? I’m over halfway through my plot and I realize several missed/omitted/just plain absent items:

– One of my characters has no means of income, to the reader’s knowledge, even though he has a house and electricity and groceries and a car and…
– One of my characters has no life history, no life story, even except for one brief mention of an ex early on. It’s a likeable character, you just don’t know much information other than what has happened as you are reading.
– There is a ton of backstory to explain the reasons behind what’s happening in the story, but none of it is included. Why? Not sure, really, but I think it’s mostly because it happened so long ago I haven’t figured out how to include it without slowing down the main storyline.

So the real question becomes do I just keep writing writing writing and deal with all this in the rewrite/editing process?

Egads. I’ve got quite the Herculean task ahead of me.



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