Why is it that…

…whenever my fingers rest purposefully on the keyboard my brain just seems to shut down?

I swear, I have every intention of working on my story. Really, I do. Heck, I even have ideas and stuff. Directions to go, conflicts to introduce, plights to plot. Yet with my computer sitting faithfully on my lap – nothing.

Anyone have any good ideas on how to keep myself on target and pound out these captive words?






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  1. Lauren

    Hmm, for me, it needs to be night. Not when I’m full, not when I’m hungry. Not when I need to pee. Not when the dogs are jumping on the bed. Not when the sound of guns are blaring from the other room when my boy is playing Call of Duty on the Xbox. Not when I need a cigarette and not when I’m tired.
    I laugh as I write this because there are too many things in life that can lead to not being able to… er… Write.
    You need to make a commitment to yourself–and keep to it. Say, one or two pages per day. It’s acheivable when you want to achieve it. If you plan on it, stick to it. Not one and a half pages, two! Every single day for a whole week. Don’t search the Internet and don’t take a phone call.
    Stop trying to perfect your sentence before you’ve even finished it. Visualize the scene in your head and type, type, type. When you make a mistake, don’t look back, keep typing. Did I just say keep typing?
    Once you have finished, you’ll feel the buzz to keep going and the creative juices will flow in. Before you know it, you’ve just written four pages. When you write how you think, you may even find that you find that natural voice and flow that sometimes can’t be found when you are write/editing. This makes your writing choppy and, well, you’ll take forever to get your ideas on page. This usually ends up making your ideas different to when you thought them originally.
    If all else fails, grab a strong coffee and read. Reading gives you inspiration.
    All the best!

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